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Fila Race

More and more of us are joining the runner trend, that may be because there are plenty of reasons: helps you stay well, lower anxiety and stress, lose weight (or keep you going after Sunday roast) and stay active. FILA ARGENTINA knows it, and that’s why it has organized the 10K FILA Race for five years, an event that grows edition after edition and that in 2013 reached 10,000 runners. There is no doubt that we like to run.

Summoned by Fila to think of an idea that would tell about the race on social media, at Interactivity we thought of #MiPrimeraCarrera, an action thanks to which four digital influencers will participate for the first time in the 10 kilometer race, sharing their experience through their social accounts.

Complementing communication from the brand accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube), Axel Marazzi, Ceci Saia, Milton Vieyra and Elena Paoloni were chosen by FILA to live this different experience, where we want them to tell how they get seriously ready. Without scripts, spontaneously, showing the brand’s products and advertising on social media in a natural and organic way, which is how we understand that these actions should be. Luckily, the client shared our point of view and we were able to do it. 🙂

Here you can see how our four brave men and women who were encouraged to the adventure, are getting ready. And this Sunday you can follow them tweeting live from their accounts.

Did it make you want to go for a run?

“#MiPrimeraCarrera: the challenge of running for the first time” was published in Interactivity.

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