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Interactivity launches its first job for Ayudín, the most famous Clorox brand in Argentina.


Under the concept of #StrongWomen, Ayudín developed a video in which, with the help of a group of volunteers, collaborates in the restoration and development of a neighborhood swimming pool. The video was made within the framework of the launch of Ayudín Máxima Limpieza, a product that has up to twice cleaning power, thanks to its innovative multi-action foam.

“To represent such a powerful product, we needed to find a story that transmits Ayudín’s characteristics and that shows that the proposed goals are achievable with effort and will”, says Gabriela Sanchez, Marketing Manager of Ayudín. “Sandra´s story, the woman who stars in the video represents our consumers: strong, enterprising and positive women, and Ayudín Máxima Limpieza is one more tool that helps in the realization of their goals”, she added.

Gustavo Mames, Director of Interactivity, states: “Sometimes it is thought to be difficult to tell a story about a cleaning product, but what we discovered by working with companies like Clorox,  is that all products tell stories. The key is to find the point where the product and the consumer meet. That’s what this story we call #StrongWomen is about”.

The video has already more than one million views so far.

Data sheet:

Agency: Interactivity

Advertiser: Ayudín Argentina

Title: Strong Women (Sandra)

Creative direction: Gustavo Mames / Ariel Kogutek

Production Company: Aguirre Films

Direction: Gustavo Kaplan

Executive Producer: Damián Beker

Advertiser manager: Gabriela Sanchez / Gabriela Calderón Espinoza Martín / Casaccia / Nicolás Coccolo

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