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Smack, the traditional candy of the American Food Company, selected Interactivity for the development of its digital strategy and the launch of its Internet commercials: “Smack Pairings”.


With a vintage aesthetics and fun combinations, the commercials tell four situations in which eating Smack becomes a different experience.

We have a product that is very massive and chosen by the whole country, and we want to accompany that coverage in the market with a consistent, entertaining and dynamic communication, and we chose Interactivity to accompany us in that way”,  explained Julio Romero, Director of American Company.

Ariel Kogutek, Creative Director and Partner of Interactivity, said “we have been working for the brand for many years, and it is always very interesting to see how despite being a very traditional company, continues to reinvent itself and adapt to new channels and formats. Smack is a fun product, which enables codes and complicity in its traditional and new consumers, so we wanted to appropriate those moments and bring humor to every consumption occasion”,  he added.

Interactivity will develop the integral campaign for the launch of the new Smack in its four presentations, which will include the management of the brand’s social media.

Data Sheet:
Agency: Interactivity
Advertiser: American Food Company
Title: Smack Marriages
Creative direction: Gustavo Mames/Ariel Kogutek
Editor: Gustavo Mames
Account Director: Jordana Said
Production Company: Art Direction Warriors
Director: Agustín Puente
Executive Producer: Itati Falabella
Responsible for the advertiser: Julio Romero

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