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After 20 years, Burger King started a rebranding process to show its new identity and adjust its visual image to these times. In a presentation note, the worldwide known hamburger chain detailed that it will be based on the “real and delicious food” that presents through a new logo and packaging, with the objective of representing and transmitting values and characteristics in a more genuine way. 

The company modified its menus, flavors and even elements they use, such as preservatives or colorants, to link these image changes to a new paradigm. The goal is to make customers feel good about the brand and its repositioning. Along with these changes, elements in social networks, digital marketing and online presence will be renewed. 

“We wanted to use the design to make people want our food: it’s perfection to the embers and above all its taste,” says Raphael Abreu, global head of design for Restaurant Brands International, the owners of Burger King. 

The redesign and changes to the brand are based on two main points:

  • The heritage and tradition: the history that reflects with the consumer has a great importance and the use of the retro effect and the nostalgia manages to link with those better times, looking to connect with the past. 
  • Think digital: the change implies a corporate image adapted to the new era. A minimalist, modern and more friendly logo for digital environments.

Obviously Burger King was not the only brand that bet on this type of base in recent years, but it is a fundamental step to regain ground and seek that connection with consumers again. 

The new logo takes the place of the one the company had since 1999. According to Burger King it seeks “trust” and “fun”. Beyond adapting it for the digital era, it bets on the design and the most traditional elements of the brand. The organization also created its own typography, called Flame, which was designed for the food it serves and its shapes.  Certain colors were also modified, thinking about the link to doing things on the grill as the essence that Burger King wants to transmit. 

In the photos that will be used, a hypertexturization will be sought to highlight the “sensory aspect of the food”. In the packaging they will bet for more attractive colors, the illustration of ingredients and the logo in a more visible way. Burger King stated that the new image will start to be shown during 2021.


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