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Leads are the source of direct entry to consumers who have shown real interest in what is being offered as a product or service. However, reaching quality leads is not an easy job. In the world of consumer marketing, users are tired of too many ads, branded messages and spam. Added to the moment in which this information arrives to consumers, perhaps during working days, it is essential to have a good strategy in search of results.

Within this strategy, content marketing plays a very important role: quality content adds value beyond the message. In both B2C and B2B environments, good content is already a step ahead in reaching the consumer and building the best scenario for establishing quality links and transmitting a positive image.

The latest study “The State of Content Marketing” by SEMRush has a global scope and analyzes the forecasts and expectations of the marketing world worldwide. Their goals are results-oriented and for this reason leads are a key element in their strategy. 

The search in 2021 will be to better outline where the search is aimed at in order to achieve a better impact. Consumption felt the consequences of Covid-19 and recovery will depend on each sector and the paths they decide to take to remain competitive in the market.

The new list of priorities for content marketing starts with leads. In the survey conducted by SEMRush, 79% defined it as a priority goal and in second place, with 75%, came the fact of getting more traffic to the Web. The following points: 57% want to improve brand reputation, 47% to improve consumer engagement, 26% to promote the positioning of new products and 17% to increase the number of payments.

These goals change the expectations of what content marketing can achieve, as well as being a motivation to prioritize and adjust strategies based on them. The weight of data and metrics continues to grow: 88% of respondents say they will give more importance to analytics tools and 82% to SEO tools.


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