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The strategy surrounding the creation of an ad has potential advantages that go beyond the expected. Reaching that connection with consumers, so that they are the ones who are responsible for spreading the advertising, either by word of mouth or through their social networks, is an extra that greatly benefits organizations. 

Consumers carry out a job that has a great cost for the brand and also get a positive acceptance from those who receive it. The big difference is between an ad that, for example, YouTube places before watching a video or the inevitable television advertising and the advice of a recommendation from a known person. The message is received in a more direct way and with a different confidence, beyond the duration of the ad.

It is not a simple task to understand why a consumer decides to share an ad on their social networks. Sometimes it is related to the power of storytelling: a good story is always worth telling. But the most determining factor has to do with emotions, which end up being very relevant in the response to marketing messages. It is true that in some surveys, consumers get carried away by biases, but what really speaks for them are their actions, rather than their words. 

Paradoxically, what is most shared are those ads that generate positive feelings and also what the consumer dislikes the most, beyond the reasons why he/she does so. There are nuances that turn these extremes into a more complex analysis. For example, certain negative emotions lead consumers to avoid sharing content. If the ad generates confusion or sadness, the chances of sharing the ad decrease. If we take a scale in terms of negative, annoying or upsetting, it is the reaction that telling others generates. 

In short, the emotions that most mobilize online ads are the same ones that drive consumers to take actions in real life. Happiness, anxiety or anger lead us to share, to express ourselves, to generate that reaction, which is also mirrored in everyday life and in social networks. 


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