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Artificial Intelligence is already a reality in the development of the business agenda of several companies and different areas within them. Many future projections are based on AI to adapt to new times and market paradigms. Thus, this type of technology is already having an impact on what content is offered via streaming or how advertisements are managed. 

AI is also changing the way we shop online, modifying the experiences surrounding the search for products and managing the way in which all the surrounding elements are controlled and linked to offer an answer to what we are looking for. 

Ecommerce is, without a doubt, one of the tools that has grown the most in recent years, even more so in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The increase of customers through online platforms has reflected new consumption patterns and in the near-term future, AI will play a key role in innovating and keeping shoppers’ attention. 

A study by the consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2023, most companies with AI will have a 25% improvement in terms of customer satisfaction, revenue and cost reduction. The projection refers to the fact that AI makes it possible to correct failures, understand trends or make decisions in an automated way, freeing up resources for essential tasks. 

AI offers the opportunity to include better product recommendations, personalize experiences and use virtual assistant services. The feeling of increased attention will ultimately engage the consumer and thus lead to more sales. 

Technology not only refers to sales benefits, but to all services linked to ecommerce, such as distribution management with manufacturers and delivery logistics with customers. Different courier companies are already investing in digital equipment to establish a better strategy.  

Through the incorporation of AI, it will change the analysis of data, the understanding of how to deliver products and what are the best practices to maintain and in turn increase sales through ecommerce.


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