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It seems to be a matter of common sense: if a content is good, it will work better than a bad one, especially in branded content. However, there are some ads in advertising that, by going viral, have increased their impact and reach, even though this objective is complex and requires the brand itself to take certain risks. 

The great challenge is to combine the search for a creative ad with a clear composition of the message to be transmitted so that it works and connects with consumers. Although the idea is clear, not all companies visualize it in the same way.  The space gained by programmatic advertising made the network of advertisers focus on data and market segmentation issues, forgetting the main message. The channel takes a more relevant place than the real point of the advertising message being launched.  

The real battle between creativity and technology became a recurring theme in advertising in the Internet era. Beyond this, one should not fall back on technology alone as the main point. Advertisers must take care of the creativity and storytelling they use in the various communication channels. 

All of this is beyond the fact that different studies have made clear the importance of creativity and that the quality of the ads has a direct impact on the way consumers perceive the brand’s messages. A good ad is much more memorable and convincing than a bad campaign that goes viral over time. 

One of the latest studies focused on ads as the way to understand the value and importance of creativity and the quality of an advertisement. According to an analysis by Celtra on a U.S. basis and also including eMarketer, a high quality marketing and advertising campaign is the best way for a brand to endure and succeed in the market. Its care will improve the perception of quality and trust with consumers. Forty-six percent of respondents expressed a high degree of agreement with the statement that they are more likely to trust a brand with quality ads and good designs. Only 9% disagreed.

This type of study reinforces what grew in recent years: creativity and quality in advertising should not be underestimated. An analysis within Facebook advertising showed that advertisers opt to provide a lot of information over something creative. Although the ads are correct, the impact is negative in terms of memories and an emotional connection. 

In conclusion, the importance of creativity should not be lost sight of, beyond always struggling with multimedia issues, audience targeting and the constant need for results in terms of client metrics. 


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