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When Pinterest caught on a few years ago, it became an emerging social network that everyone was talking about. With a new aesthetic, the app gained traction on the web by using infinite scrolling in its feed, with multiple images at the same time. The vision it conveyed, from the start, won out because the app itself was received so well by all audiences. That design shown on Pinterest was already a guaranteed success, for example, in home furnishing. 

In the times we live in, it could be said that if a social network becomes fashionable, the effect impacts other areas and a cascading effect occurs. Because of the combination of social networks with the latest trends and what younger consumers are looking for, brands strive to understand these new codes in order to connect and demonstrate that they know the language of the moment. 

With TikTok something very similar is happening and that is why it became the latest obsession of brands. Companies are changing their Social Media Marketing strategies to approach and incorporate new audiences. However, the weight that this new social network is achieving is not only noticeable in companies but also in certain areas. Elements related to the language of TikTok have already found their way into the creation of content for certain ads, as if the advertising we know as such has been tiktokized, even if it appears in channels outside the social network. 

The ads that hope to convince a young audience seek to appear subtle but at the same time integrate the vocabulary that is related within the social network, such as an advertisement for Coca-Cola that seeks to suggest through such subtleties. The campaign shows several people with certain powers in dance as they react to their taste, referencing those moves that first go viral on TikTok and then grow across the Internet. 

Other ads use the appearance of vertical videos showing interactions as if you were inside the social network or with the appearance of Stories and its space gained in the last time. Also certain advertisements seek to add that familiar touch with challenges or challenges as proposed by TikTok and even a campaign that ends up being the creator of new dances like a Danet ad, which after launching it, received many videos that ended up expanding on YouTube. 


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