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Playmobil presented a series of six short videos that were disseminated through the brand’s social media. Each one of them appeals to the brand values and to what the product collections generate, both for children and adults.

Until today, the campaign has more than 1 million reproductions considering all the social media used.

A tour of the brand’s curiosities, the story of a Playmobil fan, a specialist in psychology who uses the product to detect emerging in children and a great collector, are some of the little stories that seek to connect the brand with its fans.

“Every product tells a story, and every person who connects with them also has something to tell. That is why together with Interactivity we are looking for real stories, with which all those who know the brand can identify”, explained Ronen Dzienciolski, Director of Intek, Official Distributor of Playmobil in Argentina.

For his part, Gustavo Mames, Director of Interactivity, added that “in the category of toys, videos are the star of the moment all over the world. In the case of Playmobil, we are surprised by the impact we have with the contents generated by the brand. Each image, each video, awakens the emotional memory of the fans, who travel with their imagination to that moment, to unwrap that gift, to the shared memory. What is more valuable than a brand that moves?”

In this way, the brand bets strongly in Argentina to the video contents, aligning with what happens between the main brands of the toy industry at a global level.

All videos can be seen in Playmobil’s social media.

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