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Coca-Cola was one of the companies that paused all its advertising campaigns when the coronavirus crisis progressed. The complete stop of spending on its ads was a news that invaded the market, but due to the time that the pandemic has been going on, all the companies that took this kind of decisions had to resume their path. 

The company launched feel-good campaigns and took action with a change in the packaging of its products, an advertising option that it has already experimented with in the past, such as the decision to put names on its cans to generate the sensation of drinking a personalized beverage. The success of these actions was not only repeated by Coca-Cola, but also by other companies that took advantage of the opportunity.

Coca-Cola adapted the idea with a launch in Europe in early 2021 with cans with hopeful messages and plans for the year, with a space for customization. The strategy is intended to deliver a can with your name or a special message. The temporary redesign is part of a campaign by 72andSunny Amsterdam. In a note to AdWeek, the agency defined that the idea is also to tell inspiring stories that connect with the spirit of the campaign.


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