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The video format has become a key element for companies on the web. With the increase in views, the objective of adding new users and the time spent, different brands are turning more and more to the creation of this type of content. After all, where audiences are, advertisers appear. Last year, despite all the complications brought about by the pandemic, video advertising was undoubtedly one of the winners in terms of reach and reproductions. 

YouTube and Facebook are the ones that are making the most of the format’s success in terms of online advertising budgets. During 2020, both platforms had great results: together, they function as a duopoly that controls the online video market. With 49% of all ad revenues within this category, the two services stood out globally. 

Leaving aside the space in China, which is one of the strongest online advertising markets where YouTube and Facebook have no official presence, both are above half of all platforms. It is expected that in the next four years, the two companies together will occupy 51% of the video advertising market. 

Facebook dominates out-stream ads, while YouTube stands out in AVoD format. However, the powerful market ahead will offer many opportunities to incorporate these types of ads. By 2024, 52% of online display advertising is expected to be video ads. One of the media that will benefit from the style of advertising are traditional TV channels, which in the migration to the web will achieve more revenue through this route. The increase from 2020 to 2024 in online advertising revenues is estimated to go from 8 billion to 19 billion, provided that the networks take care of these video platforms with an organized work on supply and content. 

Growth is also expected in AVoD, on-demand streaming that includes ads. Those that have already appeared in this market, such as Pluto TV or Tubi, will become material for purchases by the major TV networks, while the technology giants will end up entering the market through their own platforms. 


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