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The wind’s color

We tell Eliana Manzo´s story, a woman with visual impairment, who tells how losing her vision made her start paying more attention to her other senses.

Social Media with Vero Gatti

Together with the illustrator Vero Gatti we developed different concepts to tell about Poett’s positioning on social media. With engagement rates higher than 10%, this case became a benchmark for the category.

Poett By Clorox

For the Mexican market, we created a video campaign to present the new Poett with the disinfecting power of Clorox.

Bruno and Daddy’s Christmas Carol

With the arrival of December, Poett presents a new work where they show the game between a father and his son.

Life Agenda

We created this action to raise awareness about breast cancer, the leading cause of death for women in Mexico. From the site you can schedule a lifetime reminder for the user or a friend to perform a breast self-examination, the most effective method to prevent the disease.

Fabric specialist

We developed a series of four videos, where the interior designer, Silvana Almada, gives advice on how to use fabrics to decorate different spaces.  Through these contents, Poett Fraganza seeks to reinforce its position as a “specialist in fabrics”.

Discover Poett

We created an action where users could create new cleaning and scent uses for Poett. Then, from the brand, among all the proposals submitted, a jury selected the best cases to finally produce them in video  and upload them to Poett’s Instagram account.

Fila Race 2014

For the third year in a row we carried out the online strategy for the Puerto Madero race. Microsite design, email marketing, online advertising, buzz marketing and integration of digital content were some of Interactivity’s responsibilities at this event.

My first race

To communicate the 2014 Fila Race we created this Buzz Marketing campaign inviting online influencers to prepare to run their first 10 kilometers.

Fila Tennis Cup 2015

We created the site of the first Fila Tennis Cup, the ATP Challenger tournament developed in December 2015.

Fila Real Race 2012

We developed the digital strategy for Fila’s career in Puerto Madero. We created the campaign site where the runners could register and pay through Mercado Pago, and we supported the diffusion with online advertising and buzz marketing through social media.

Website Fila

We designed the new website for Fila Argentina, the Italian sportswear brand. 

The development was carried out in HTML5 and CSS3 and was considered for different consumer platforms, such as PC, tablet and mobile phones.

Fila Real Race 2013

We created the race site, made the registrations integrating the online payment system, spread the campaign, developed the email marketing strategy and deliveries to the runners, the ranking system, and search for photos and videos of the arrival.

Institutional website

We created the brand’s site in its 2015 version. The site has a renewed, trendy and dynamic esthetic, and it’s aimed at reinforcing the brand’s promise: celebration.

The Perfect Cup

In an app format, we created a game that allowed users of different bars and restaurants to fill a “virtual cup” of the product.  The action initially designed for Argentina was replicated in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Paraguay, and allows the winners to be a part of the “Chandon Invites” program, whereby the brand pays the diners’ dinner expenses.

Digital strategy

Together with the brand, we developed the 2015 digital strategy, designing the steps to follow in the different online spaces. 


We developed the digital strategy and content for the human resources recruiting brand of the Techint Organization. We managed the different social media, created several communication pieces and Ads campaigns to amplify the TJobs’s goals.

Virtual Reality at the Oil & Gas Exhibition

We developed a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that was exhibited at the most important fair in the industry, which took place in Buenos Aires in December 2015.

Maximum Cleaning: Strong Women

Under the concept of #StrongWomen, Ayudín developed a video in which, with the help of a group of volunteers, collaborates in the restoration and development of a neighborhood swimming pool. The video was made within the framework of the launch of Ayudín Máxima Limpieza, a product that has up to twice cleaning power, thanks to its innovative multi-action foam.

Coverage of the World Cup Brazil 2014

We designed the strategy and implementation of coverage in real time in several social media for Coca Cola. During the month of the World Cup, we coordinated a bunker with 10 people, which included journalists, content creators, designers, community managers and media professionals who created and amplified the various contents during the development of the FIFA Cup.

Monster Fix

With the aim of fighting Mal de Chagas, a disease that, in Argentina alone, affects three million people, we created Monster Fix for our client Boston Scientific.

Astor Nuñez

We developed the website and the online advertisement for the launch of the TGLT real estate development, in the Nuñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires. We worked on the Google Ads platform, including Display, Search and A / B testing.


We made the institutional website for this real estate development in the city of Tigre. HTML5 technology, adapted for mobile devices and tablets.

Social Media Alfajores Suchard

“Cocina Feliz”, de Royal

Bravia presentation with Android

To present the new Sony TV´S with Android operating system, we invited online influencers (instagramers, youtubers, bloggers and twitter users) to the event held at the Sony Theater.

Mercado Libre official store

During 2015 we managed the official Sony store in MercadoLibre. From beginning to end, we managed to double the sales of the store, with a response rate and customer satisfaction above 90%.

Launch FIFAWorldCup2014 EA Sports

We invited more than 30 online influencers to the game presentation event, held at the River Plate stadium.

Presentation Line Up Sony World Cup Brazil 2015

We held an exclusive event at the Sony Theater for accredited sports journalists to cover the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We convened celebrities, bloggers and influencers to an event that achieved wide repercussions in the online world.

Visit of the 2014 FIFA World Cup trophy

In the Darwin space, we invited influencers to receive the official World Cup trophy. More than 40 influencers from the sports world attended.

Sony Art Movement

We generated a Buzz Marketing action around this idea, which generated conversation on social media about the intervention of headphones by the artist Martin Orza in the most important Sony Store in Argentina.

Sony Silent Day

We created an intense Buzz Marketing action helping to spread this event held in the Buenos Aires Planetarium to promote the new line of Sony headphones. We achieved wide repercussion in national and international media.

Aldo, the extreme dog

We created this campaign to present the Sony Action Cam, with an adventurous dog that shows his feats on video. In only one week, it had more than 1.000 organic reproductions, and the news was reproduced by more than 30 sites in the 5 continents.

Launch of 3D Technology

We carried out the presentation event for press and retail in Argentina of the Sony 3D line, including a buzz marketing work with web influencers.

Bloggie Challenge

This online word-of-mouth action consisted in the development of an activation in blogs and served us to present the Bloggie camera, by Sony. Three bloggers had to upload the videos they wanted and invite their contacts to vote for them.

Immortalize your voice with God of Ware

Through a buzz marketing action we called the event where Argentinean users of God of War could make a voice casting for this Playstation game.

Body Vida

We implemented online guidelines for this food brand, focusing on Social Ads and Google Adwords.

CRM for sales force

We developed web applications adapted to various mobile devices thanks to which salespeople and medical visitors can track the orders and needs of pharmacies and dentists. This CRM allows to optimize the work of the sales force, improving their performance.

Online campaigns

We implemented several online campaigns to disseminate their various product lines.


We created the digital strategy for the launch of Tech Deck, the world’s most famous finger skates. We built the first Argentinean online fingerboard community, managed the social media and online advertising. This work was shortlisted in El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2011 and won the Eikon award for Best Launch 2011.

Barbie Glam Hair Line

We designed and created a site where Barbie fans can play and put together their virtual hairstyles, as well as share their hairstyles on the web. We created the online campaign that drove traffic to the site.

Christmas Mapping

We implemented a buzz marketing action with fifteen technology influencers from Buenos Aires, who made an online coverage of the event held by Microsoft in December 2011 at Unicenter Shopping.

Caminito Project

To present Office 2010 in Argentina, we created a Buzz Marketing action with a video in which three graphic artists converted an illustration of Caminito street into an Excel file.

Office 2010 Presentation

We gathered the most important technology journalists in the country to present live the Microsoft Office 2010. At the event, three graphic artists replicated live the work “Proyecto Caminito”, where they recreated an illustration using only the Excel program.

Something good is happening

Under the slogan “Something good is happening” we created an action for the Trapiche champagne. For Mother’s Day, we surprised a woman in Alto Palermo, where we gave her a gift accompanied by fashion consultant Fabian Medina Flores.


To launch the new packaging of the Varietales line, we created for Trapiche an action where you could play with a fun interactive idea and a video that reached 40,000 participations in ten days.

Listen to the call

This online promotion allows users to light different letters of THE CALL and access nine prizes over six months. In the TV and Youtube commercial we hid clues, which must then be answered from the product’s site in order to win.


We created the online site of this mega real estate development located in the area of Tigre, in Buenos Aires.

We give you more freedom

We created an online campaign for the publisher with the idea of stimulating the purchase of ebooks. The campaign was implemented in various digital media.

CRM Administration

Through Zendesk platform, we managed Fox Play’s customer service in ten countries of the region.

2014 World Cup Brazil coverage

We designed the strategy and implementation of real time coverage in various social media for Powerade. During the month of the World Cup, we coordinated a bunker with 10 people that included journalists, content creators, designers, community managers and media professionals who created and amplified the diverse content during the development of the FIFA Cup.

GPS to get lost

We implemented the brand’s online guidelines on the Youtube platform and a buzz marketing campaign based on specialized blogs.

Christmas Campaign

Based on a series of videos by actor Fernando Sanjiao about the New Year’s Eve, we created an online advertising campaign that achieved the viralization of the videos, which surpassed 200,000 views in just two weeks.

All to Bariloche with Minitortas Rapsodia

In 2012 we carried out this online action of the Minitortas Rapsodia that gathered more than 100,000 fans on Facebook. We created the campaign hotsite, executed and planned an online campaign, focusing on social media.

Lacoste Email Marketing

We developed a CRM program in both the online and offline world. We implemented email marketing and database marketing programs for one of the most prestigious clothing brands in France.

Cards for Mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day we developed a site for Lacoste to generate databases of the brand’s customers. We created a Facebook Ads campaign to support the action.

Movistar Free Music

Through Twitter, we created a contest in which we gave away tickets to see the Movistar Free Music with Jane’s Addiction show. In one week, we added a thousand followers to the Movistar account.

Blackberry Movistar Search

In order to launch the Twitter application for BlackBerry, we carried out the first promotional action exclusively mounted on Twitter in Argentina.

Movistar Summer Experience 2011

We created a buzz marketing action to spread in blogs and social media the actions of summer 2011 in Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Punta del Este, with special guests and live coverage.

River’s T-shirts

We created this solidarity action for the River Museum of Buenos Aires with the idea of collecting all the T-shirts of the club’s history among its fans to be donated and exhibited in the institution.

The place of the birds

As part of the launch of “El lugar de la aves” by Temaiken, we created this Ambient Marketing action where users could play with a toucan, a macaw and the exotic cassowary, made with Augmented Reality.

Your next Latitude

We created an app to promote the product in restaurants. The game allowed users to choose their next destination after dinner, with instant prizes (movie tickets, Spotify accounts, ice cream, etc.)

Tryon’s Site

We developed the website of this Brazilian sports brand for the Argentinean market. The site has a product catalog and the possibility of integrating an e-commerce module, as well as a panel of additions, deletions and modifications (ABM) that allows the customer to adjust photos and products independently and without requiring the support of Interactivity.