Clorox clothing pretreatment brand launches a campaign appealing to humor and using Youtube’s TrueView format. 

“The objective of this campaign is to revitalize the concept already remembered by the people (#ChauMancha). It seeks to renew the image of Trenet and give a more modern style to the brand to bring it closer to new audiences. That’s why we chose a standup and relaxed tone to tell these “problems” that identify us all,” said Nicolas Coccolo, Clorox’s Digital Manager for Latin America. 

“Today the tutorials are the most sought after content on the Internet: how to make a homemade tomato sauce, how to repair appliances, how to learn to taste wine, yoga classes, etc. And it’s normal that when you learn to do something new, problems arise and you get stained. Therefore, the idea of this campaign is to target those searches, with a series of fun tips that try to get closer to consumers’ vision of some everyday problems, which then end up getting them dirty,” says Gustavo Mames, General Director of Interactivity.

Interactivity is the agency in charge of conducting the brand’s digital strategy and along with this video campaign launched the new site, where you can also see a series of tips to remove the most rebellious stains, illustrated by the cartoonist Pepita Sandwich.


“Manchas con humor”



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