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Taking as a basis insights from everyday life with which we all feel identified, Interactivity developed a series of animated stories to introduce Poett’s new room scent´s technology.


Illustrated by Vero Gatti and with the color and style that characterize the brand, Poett’s social media throughout Latin America already have animated advice that invite you to renew spaces and let yourself be enveloped by fragrances.

As always, we want to offer experiences that invite our consumers to awaken their senses and try new things. Vero Gatti´s illustrations, a script that identifies us all and a product that improves, were the ideal ingredients for this production”, said Nicolás Coccolo, Clorox Digital Director.

Because of our experience with the brand and in the industry, we saw/detected that tutorials or tips are the content that the public values ​​the most. A brand like Poett has a lot to contribute in that regard, so it seems to us that the best way to communicate a product innovation is to do it with this type of content, which is useful and relevant to consumers. We work with four insights that we can perfectly export to other markets, which we are doing in Chile and Peru, in the case of this new Poett campaign”, explained Gustavo Mames, Director of Interactivity.


Data sheet:

Agency: Interactivity
Advertiser: Poett (The Clorox Company)
Title: Animated Tips
Creative direction: Gustavo Mames / Ariel Kogutek
Editor: Juan Pablo Andrade
Account Director: Jordana Said
Production Company: Art Direction Warriors
Director: Agustín Puente
Executive Producer: Itati Falabella
Soundtrack: Indigo
Responsible for the advertiser: Nicolás Coccolo

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